andrew pikul

Since many of the projects I've worked on are proprietary, the project page isn't a perfect representation of my skill set. In short, I also have hardware skills, embedded skills, and can implement APIs.



Circuit board design (extremely proficient in kicad). I've designed boards with sub 1 GHz antennas, RFID (13.56 MHz), and boards for various Arm Cortex-M processors and Atmel devices. I have the lab equipment to assemble and test prototypes.

Kernel-Layer Software

I'm comfortable navigating kernel level source and writing assembly. I am extremely proficient in C. I can write and interface drivers on any layer. I've built my own polling and interrupt driven operating systems and built systems with SimpleLink, Arduino, and FreeRTOS (now AWS RTOS).


I'm comfortable writing basic HTML, vanilla Javascript, CSS (Bootstrap and Pure.CSS). I've used these to create this website, restful and client-side interfaces for IoT devices, control panels, etc.

Network Backend

I'm comfortable writing C and directly interfacing with the Linux API, but spend more time writing Go for this application. Occasionally I use python and node for various tasks but they're not my daily drivers. I am very interested in lock-free data-structures like CRDT and OT. I have significant experience with Linux.

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